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BMI reference for adults(age more than 18)

WHO Standards Asian Standards
Thin <18.5
Normal 18.5-24.9 18.5-22.9
Overweight ≥25 ≥23
A Little Fat 25.0~29.9 23~24.9
Fat 30.0~34.9 25~29.9
Very Fat 35.0~39.9 ≥30
Extremely Fat ≥40.0
The best value of BMI is 22.

Children Reference (age during 7-17)

Gender Age Overweight Fat
Female 7 18.9>BMI>=17.2 BMI>=18.9
8 19.9>BMI>=18.1 BMI>=19.9
9 21.0>BMI>=19.0 BMI>=21.0
10 22.1>BMI>=20.0 BMI>=22.1
11 23.3>BMI>=21.1 BMI>=23.3
12 24.5>BMI>=21.9 BMI>=24.5
13 25.6>BMI>=22.6 BMI>=25.6
14 26.3>BMI>=23.0 BMI>=26.3
15 26.9>BMI>=23.4 BMI>=26.9
16 27.4>BMI>=23.7 BMI>=27.4
17 27.7>BMI>=23.8 BMI>=27.7
Male 7 19.2>BMI>=17.4 BMI>=19.2
8 20.3>BMI>=18.1 BMI>=20.3
9 21.4>BMI>=18.9 BMI>=21.4
10 22.5>BMI>=19.6 BMI>=22.5
11 23.6>BMI>=20.3 BMI>=23.6
12 24.7>BMI>=21.0 BMI>=24.7
13 25.7>BMI>=21.9 BMI>=25.7
14 26.4>BMI>=22.6 BMI>=26.4
15 26.9>BMI>=23.1 BMI>=26.9
16 27.4>BMI>=23.5 BMI>=27.4
17 27.8>BMI>=23.8 BMI>=27.8

Tool introduction

Online BMI body mass index calculator, available to people over 18 Height and weight quickly calculate the body mass index BMI. Under the age of 18, you can get the BMI value by looking up the table. Only by understanding BMI can you better understand your own physical health.

The calculation formula of BMI is: BMI=w/(h²), where w is your weight and h is your height.

How to use

If you are over 18 years old, you can calculate your BMI body mass index by entering your height and weight. If If you are under 18 years old, directly query the above table to get the BMI value.

About BMI

BMI index (namely body mass index, abbreviated as body mass index also known as body weight, English as Body Mass Index, abbreviated as BMI), is used The figure obtained by dividing the weight in kilograms by the height in meters squared is a commonly used international standard to measure the degree of body weight and health. It is mainly used for statistical purposes. When we need to compare and analyze the health effects of a person's weight on people of different heights, the BMI value is a neutral and reliable indicator.