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Introduction to the tool

Online body fat percentage BFR calculator, you can quickly calculate your body fat percentage BFR through your height, weight, age and gender in the BMI formula, so that you can know your health status at any time .

There are many different algorithms for body fat rate. This tool uses the BMI algorithm based on height and weight to calculate. The results are for reference only.

How to use

According to your actual situation, fill in the weight, height, age and gender, and click Calculate now to calculate the body fat rate.

Calculation principle

BMI algorithm calculates body fat rate BFR:
(1) BMI=weight (kg)÷(height×height)(m).
(2) Body fat percentage: 1.2×BMI+0.23×age-5.4-10.8×gender (male is 1, female is 0).

The normal range of body fat rate for adults is 20%~25% for women and 15%~18% for men. obesity. Athlete's body fat rate can be determined according to the sport. Generally male athletes are 7% to 15%, and female athletes are 12% to 25%.

The body fat rate can refer to the following table:

Human body fat rate reference table

About body fat rate BFR

Body fat rate It refers to the proportion of body fat weight in the total body weight, also known as body fat percentage, which reflects the amount of body fat. Obesity increases the risk of various diseases. For example, hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, etc. Women who plan to become pregnant cannot ignore the risks of pregnancy complications and dystocia caused by obesity.