URL Count:

Tool introduction

Online sitemap extraction URL tool can extract and count all the URLs in the sitemap, support one-click copy, download and export to TXT.

Do you want to know how many URLs there are in the Sitemap? You can easily view them with this tool. You can also filter and extract all URLs, and organize downloads and save them to TXT.

How to use

Copy the Sitemap text characters and paste them into the input area, click the button to complete the URL extraction, after the extraction is completed, the total number of URLs will be displayed, and it supports one-click copying of the URL list or downloading and saving To TXT.

You can click the sample button to quickly experience this tool.

About Sitemap

Sitemap allows webmasters to inform search engines which pages are available for crawling on their website. The simplest form of Sitemap is an XML file, which lists the URLs in the website and other metadata about each URL (the time of last update, the frequency of changes, and how important is it relative to other URLs on the website, etc. ) So that search engines can crawl the site more intelligently.