Tool introduction

Online IRR calculator can quickly calculate the IRR result value of a set of data, one row for each data, and the calculation result is consistent with Excel.

IRR tools are indispensable important tools and income reference indicators in the financial industry. In many cases, it is necessary to calculate the IRR internal rate of return of the data to evaluate the investment rate of return and the true annualized interest rate of borrowing.

The calculation result of this tool is consistent with the calculation result of the IRR formula in Excel, which can calculate the IRR value of the given data more conveniently.

How to use

Enter the data to be calculated, one data per line, click the button to start the calculation, the data must be at least one positive value and one negative value.

You can click the sample button to view sample data to quickly experience the function of this tool.

About IRR

Partial rate of return, English name: Internal Rate of Return, abbreviated IRR. Refers to the rate of return that the project investment can actually achieve. It is the discount rate when the total present value of capital inflows is equal to the total present value of capital flows, and the net present value is equal to zero. If you don't use a computer, the internal rate of return will be calculated using several discount rates until you find the discount rate whose net present value is equal to or close to zero. The internal rate of return is the rate of return that an investment aspires to achieve, and is the discount rate that can make the net present value of the investment project equal to zero.