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Tool introduction

Online list random grouping tool, which can completely randomly divide the list into several groups. The grouping is fair and equitable, fast and efficient, and supports exporting to Excel after grouping.

Random grouping is used in various activities or parties, and people are objectively and randomly divided into a specified number of groups. This tool can complete random grouping with one click, which is convenient and quick.

It can be used not only for grouping people list, but also for random grouping of various items, such as random grouping of pets, random grouping of fruits, and random grouping of various lists.

How to use

Paste the list of lists that need to be grouped, one per line, and click the button to complete the random grouping. The grouping list will be previewed in real time. After grouping, you can continue to randomize it if you are not satisfied Group until you are satisfied.

You can click the sample button to quickly experience this tool.