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Tool introduction

Online image 300DPI resolution modification tool, you can set the image resolution to 300DPI or For custom resolution values, the tool only modifies the DPI display value, but does not modify the image size and image quality.

The tool will set the horizontal resolution and vertical resolution of the image to 300DPI or the DPI value you set. Only images within 1MB in size are supported document.

After the DPI is modified, your image width and height will not be changed, the image quality will not change, and the tool will only modify the DPI display value.

How to use

Set the image DPI value that needs to be modified, click upload or upload your Drag the image directly to the page, and the tool will automatically complete the image DPI modification.

After the modification is completed, you can click the button to download and save to the local. If you can’t save the computer, right-click and save as, just press and hold the phone to save.