Text Item Total: (Auto Hidden Copied Items)

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Tool introduction

Online text list item copy tool, you can split the list text into one list item per line, click the list item to quickly copy the text to the clipboard, and the list item will be Turns red and the mark has been copied.

In life, you often need to copy and paste a large number of text items. Each text item is individually selected. Copying and pasting can be very troublesome and time-consuming. Use this tool to quickly split the text list. Click the list item to copy with one click, which can greatly save the time of text copy and paste and improve the efficiency of text data processing.

How to use

After pasting the text of the list, click the split button, the tool will divide the list into one text item per line, and click the text item to quickly copy the text of the text item .

After the text is clicked to copy, the font color will automatically turn red to indicate whether it has been copied.

You can choose to remove the spaces on both sides of the text, just check it directly.

You can also check to hide the copied text item. After the text is clicked to copy, it will be automatically hidden.